The Executive Positioning Plan

This comprehensive guide will help you deeply align your brand, skills, and priorities with company leadership goals, SO THAT you can build extensive influence and rapidly advance your fraud prevention career.

How To Use This Strategic Template

Crafting a focused plan will allow you to shape your brand, expertise, communication style, and fraud program priorities to resonate with executives.

Following these key strategies will enable you to position yourself as an influential advisor equipped to help leaders

Research leadership bios - Thoroughly study backgrounds, career histories, priorities, and management styles of executives and board members to gain insights.

Analyze strategic plans - Carefully review company vision, mission, values statements, and multi-year strategic plans to identify key goals.

Identify leadership pain points - Through conversations and observations, determine specific challenges leaders aim to solve this year and next.

Map tangible contributions - Outline specific deliverables, projects, and measurable impacts from your role that directly help achieve leadership targets.

Shape your narrative - Closely align your personal brand, communication style, talking points, and area expertise to resonate with leaders' preferences.

Leverage visibility opportunities - Actively request to present at company meetings, write for internal publications, lead high-profile special projects to increase exposure.

Identifying Leadership Priorities

Understanding these perennial leadership concerns will allow you to identify opportunities to position your expertise, initiatives, and fraud program impacts as solutions.

Aligning to these priority areas will showcase your value in advancing strategic goals. This section highlights the most common priority areas and objectives that organizational leaders and executives typically focus on.

  • Improving customer retention

  • Expanding into new global markets

  • Enhancing supply chain resilience

  • Digital transformation initiatives

  • Mergers and acquisitions

Gaining Influence as a Trusted Advisor

Implementing these tactics will allow you to regularly engage executives, provide valuable insights, demonstrate your impact, and collaborate across the company.

Becoming a trusted advisor will elevate your influence and career.

  • Maintain dashboards tracking performance data: Compile metrics, analyses, and fraud program results tied directly to communicating your value and impact.

  • Develop relationships through regular touchpoints: Schedule 1:1 meetings to provide executives with valuable insights and updates.

  • Provide advisory support on fraud risks: Offer expertise to help identify vulnerabilities related to strategic initiatives.

  • Share fraud insights from competitors/industry: Present examples of fraud schemes and prevention best practices seen externally.

  • Prepare leadership recommendations: Develop solutions to close gaps in the company's fraud prevention capabilities.

  • Collaborate cross-functionally: Work across departments to identify risks in all areas.

  • Conduct interviews to stay attuned: Have discussions to closely track changes in leadership priorities.

Contributions I Can Make

This section outlines sample deliverables, initiatives, and measures tailored to resonate with common leadership priorities.

Identifying contributions you can make that map to strategic goals will showcase your value in advancing objectives.

  • Leading anti-fraud efforts

  • Assessing third party fraud risks

  • Enhancing fraud detection with analytics

  • Advising on fraud risks related to investments

  • Presenting emerging fraud schemes

  • Publishing articles highlighting successes

  • Providing fraud awareness training

  • Supporting governance initiatives

At the end of the day, putting these strategies into practice will empower fraud leaders to showcase how their skills and priorities line up with leadership goals.

Taking steps to position yourself as a trusted advisor provides a proven pathway for boosting your influence and reaching the next level in your career.

Use this guide as your playbook for demonstrating your value - and becoming an indispensable leader driving strategic priorities.

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